Town of Banner Elk, North Carolina

    Public Utilities

    The Town of Banner Elk has an estimated 20 miles of distribution system lines servicing 1,035 customers via 670 connections for utility service.  The system partially serves the area within the town limits and a minimal area outside the town limits.  Banner Elk currently gets its water from four wells and have four elevated storage tanks and four ground storage tanks with a total capacity of 597,500 gallons.  The Town’s water system is owned, operated, and maintained by the Town of Banner Elk.

    The Town of Banner Elk owns and operates its wastewater treatment facility and associated collection system.  The Town of Banner Elk’s wastewater collection system consists of approximately 12 miles of gravity lines, and .25 miles of force mains, with one sewer lift station.  These lines convey sewage to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), located at the end of Millpond Road.  The disinfected water is then released into the Elk River.

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    Water Report

    2022 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
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